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Why should thousands of prisoners die behind bars for nonviolent crimes?

Why should thousands of prisoners die behind bars for nonviolent crimes?

“But this past summer, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision: ‘The state asserts that because of the defendant’s particular multiple offender status, the law mandates a minimum sentence of life in prison without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence. We agree.’

Dennis Winters was incredulous when he heard the news about his brother. “’What? This makes no sense,” he told IND Monthly. “I don’t understand what these people are trying to do. He’s not a violent person. He’s fragile. He wouldn’t hurt anybody, except maybe for himself. I just don’t get how they’re going to give him life for some Gobstopper candy.’”

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Dear Right-Wing Woman



“Discussion initiated by liberal women with conservative women has been replaced with a rigid & sharp response of “THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN”!!  Well, if you think so, tell that to the woman making 70 cents on the dollar compared to her male co-worker; tell it to the woman walking into the abortion clinic while a man is yelling at her that she’ll burn in Hell; tell it to the WOMAN judging the other WOMAN in the grocery line buying food for her children with food stamps.  Better yet, dear right-wing woman, look in the mirror & try to lie to yourself.”

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