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Evan Rachel Wood tells the MPAA “Women don’t just have to be fucked”

Evan Rachel Wood tells the MPAA “Women don’t just have to be fucked”

“On the heels of producers cutting a scene where Wood receives oral sex, solely to secure an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, Wood took to social media to express her displeasure.”

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Is lesbian sex “real sex”?

Is lesbian sex “real sex”?

“This very limited definition of sex prevents people from recognizing lesbian sex as real sex. At best, what lesbians do is foreplay that can never reach completion on its own. Or, it is a turn-on for straight men and a staple of heterosexual pornography. A scene of two women kissing—increasingly common on mainstream television in shows such asGossip Girl and Community—is often used to add titillation to an otherwise mundane plot. As long as the women involved are conventionally pretty and feminine, this lesbianism is safe and sexy for prime-time viewing. (Butch women, by contrast, are often seen as erotic turn-offs: unsexy imitations of real men.) In each of these scenarios, lesbian sex is something women do while they are waiting for a man to come along. The straight male viewer, the target audience for ‘lesbian’ pornography, is invited to imagine himself into the scene, as the one who can complete the picture and turn the warm-up act into the real deal.”

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Losing virginity for good

Losing virginity for good

“The idea of your first penis-in-vagina sexual encounter being something significant and life altering (well, for women anyway) has origins in women being considered property.

That is to say, virginity is a social construction that came about because of the commodification of women.

Since women were (and sometimes still are) considered property, when they got married, they were passed on to their husbands from their fathers. You know the whole father-walks-his-daughter-down-the-aisle tradition? Well, it represents a transfer of property from her father to her husband. Her father was literally giving her away.”

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Are the armed forces a rape culture?

Are the armed forces a rape culture?

“The Department of Defense’s 2012 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military estimates there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the military last year, up 35 percent from 19,000 in 2011. You know that sexual predators are rampaging through the services when the president calls the rape statistics ‘shameful’ and ‘disgraceful,’ when Pentagon Chief Chuck Hagel calls the chronic outrages a ‘betrayal’ and a ‘scourge that must be stamped out,’ and when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey says, ‘We’re losing the confidence of the women who serve.'”

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Sympathy? Absolutely not.

             There is something wrong in a society where rape is a common occurrence. In American culture, rape, is a common occurrence, something that “just happens” and at the core of it all is our sympathy towards rapists. Yes, American culture sympathizes with rapists, and our criminal justice system is a reflection of it. It all begins when a rape is reported.  Rape occurs often and it is underreported, so the statistics we have are a fraction of the total number. 54% of rapes are not reported to the police.  Then the next step taken is questioning the victim’s accusations. Here is where the sympathy starts. Questioning the victim’s accusations demonstrates how sympathetic we feel towards the “alleged rapist”.  We automatically question the victim’s credibility because we assume that the victim is a liar; that there is an ulterior motive for making such accusations. The American criminal justice system is a reflection of American culture’s sympathy for rapists because 97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail and out of every 100 cases 5 will lead to a felony conviction

             We have all heard the stories of men who were unjustly accused of rape. The problem with focusing on false accusations, which rarely happen, is that it takes the focus away from the victim and the rape. It also happens to be the first line of defense for the sympathizers. False accusations happen so rarely that they should not be the focus of the investigation and it shouldn’t sway investigative procedure.  False accusations happen 2% of the time.  Rape actually happens all the time and only a few cases reported. Rape is very common, but for some reason false accusations are what take center stage in rape cases.  Not the victim Not the act. Not the violence. Not the trauma. Our media even over reports false allegations.  When the discussion is about rape, rape should be in everyone’s mind rather than on the small chance that it might be a false accusation.  It is as if the voices of a very small percentage of men are more important than the voices of the victims (whose cases outnumber false accusations). Men tend to pretend that false allegations are the issue and not the fact that men rape. (Yes, I am using men as a reference. Generally, men are the rapists). Putting an end to false accusations will do nothing to diminish the prevalence of rape. Ending rape and providing proper aid to victims of rape should be the main concern.  Rape sympathizers will argue that both problems are equally tragic and should be resolved.  I agree that innocent people should never pay for crimes they didn’t commit, but in my opinion, addressing rape should be the priority. Ending rape will end such accusations.  Most importantly, there will be no more victims. 

            American culture needs to stop sympathizing with rapists and learn that rape is unacceptable. Rapists do not need defending or pity. We do not have to feel bad for whatever negative life impacts rapists will encounter after a conviction.  The rapist never gave a fuck about the victim.  He never thought about the negative impact his actions would have on the victim.  He did’t care that he would harm a person for life, both physically and emotionally.  Shit, he didn’t even care give a fuck about himself when he decided to rape.  He was aware that rape is morally wrong and illegal.  He knew that if he raped he could face jail time, but decided to do it anyways.  He knew the harm and violence implicated in the act.  Some rapists even brag about what they did and feel no remorse.  So they do not need any sympathy.  They decided to commit a horrible crime and now they must be subjected to the consequences of their actions. To learn to truly view rape as unacceptable, we must first, help survivors regain their lives by providing them with proper treatment for a full recovery.  We must rewrite definitions of rape as away to ensure that all survivors have justice served. We have begun to take steps in updating our definitions of rape to include other forms of rape and not only “penile to vaginal forcible penetration”, but we still have a long way to go.  America as a whole is still not on the same page when it comes to defining rape.

              Just like we do with drugs. We must use our criminal justice system as a way of deterring rape from happening or being repeated, by punishing rapists to the full extent of the law.  Let’s prevent rapists from continuing their activities and others from attempting to commit rape by severely punishing convicted rapists.  Rapists should not get to walk away without rightfully paying for their crime.  Rapists should not be allowed to have the same rights as fathers. They do not deserve those or any right to be outside of a prison precisely because they’re rapists, but 31 states grant them visitation and custody rights.   It’s terrifying to learn that this is happening now. It’s terrifying to learn that rapists will live their lives without conviction 97% of the time and that if they impregnate their victims most states in America will grant them visitation and custody rights. It’s terrifying to learn that our culture still thinks that false accusations are a problem greater than rape.  But what’s more terrifying is learning that survivors do not get the same sympathy that rapists receive. They do not receive the help necessary to overcome such a traumatic experience.  Instead, to add insult to injury victims are mostly questioned, discredited and in most cases they often have to encounter their rapists over and over again. Most men don’t rape. They know that it is wrong and gross, and they do not find it in themselves to rape.  I’m sure rape is not a lingering thought in their brains.  Rapists are not normal men. They do not need to be pitied by our society. They do not need sympathy. What they need is fair punishment for their crimes against humanity. 

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