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Fuck you Hollywood

The media is always trying to bank on whatever fills their pockets with money. Back in “the good old days” people of color were not allowed in the media. Latinos had to change their names and appearance to more “standard” and “appealing” looks like Rita Hayworth. Let’s not forget about Blackface. Today, not much has changed. If a person of color is portrayed on TV we can only fill certain roles. Unless, we are racially ambiguous like Jessica Alba, or look primarily, well how can I say this, WHITE, like Sara Paxton. And even then we don’t get leading lady roles. Not much has changed since the days of Blackface.

Why don’t I want to be a Hollywood actress or TV star?

1. Do I want to play a “chola”?

Why can’t I play the voice of my generation? Oh wait that’s already been taken.


That’s right, Hollywood thinks the audience understands me better as this


2. I definitely don’t want to play the single working class mother/ a corrupt man’s baby momma.

Why can’t I just be a fun loving baby momma?


3. Do I want to play a sexy single mom who’s married to a much older white man?

4. No. I don’t want to be a maid!



Why can’t I play a woman president?
Shit! I’ll even take the vice presidency.

Oh yes I forgot, I’m a few shades too dark.

5. I don’t want to be the aggressive woman

Why can’t I be a scared bystander?

6. I don’t want to be an extremely sexual character.


I’d rather do this

7. I don’t want to have to fake an accent.

8. Do I want to play an illegal alien?

9. I don’t want to be the white hero’s aggressor.

All I have to say is:


10. Do I want to play a drug trafficker or his wife?

11. “Latin Lover”?

12. Why the fuck do I have to be the villain?

I want to play the  funny person who everyone adores

But I guess I’m not an adoring white man.

13. No. I don’t want to play an ex prison inmate, or a prison inmate at that!

Fuck that! I won’t!

14. No. I don’t want to be a sexy dancer.



Why can’t I be the heroine?


I hope that every person reading this is like:

This post was inspired by a quote from one of my favorite comedians Margaret Cho.
” I love me some period films! And I know that I will never be in them. I will never be in any of these movies, unless I am laying down on my side smoking some opium. And I get offered movie roles all the time, but I say, “No! No! I don’t want to play a manicurist. I don’t want to play a really pissed-off liquor store owner. I don’t want to go nowhere with a chicken under my arm. I don’t want to play an exceptionally good student, I do not want to get off a tour bus and take numerous photographs, I do not ever want to utter the phrase, ‘Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond’! I don’t want to write down all my memoirs about being a geisha!”

You’re the best!

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