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Women Know More than Just Love and Sex

Women Know More than Just Love and Sex

“There is an absolute lack of intersectional thinking, with little attention given to how working-class women, queer and transgender women, or women of color might live their lives when their choices are often constrained in ways the wealthy cannot fathom. Worse, it’s not just one magazine or newspaper that publishes gendered trend journalism, it’s most of them.”

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Gay Boricua boxer Orlando Cruz will wear rainbow shorts, pink gloves in upcoming fight

NBC Latino

Puerto Rican Featherweight boxer Orlando Cruz – the first in his sport to come out as openly gay – will support two causes as he steps into the ring in Las Vegas in an upcoming bout against  Orlando Salido as part of the Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez event on October 12.

Cruz will wear rainbow-colored boxing trunks and clothes in support of the LGBT community, and he will pink and black boxing gloves in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The rainbow-colored trunks and the pink gloves are all by Everlast.

Everlast_crop_north (1)

The 32-year-old boxer came out in 2012, and will marry his partner Jose Manuel on November 16, according to Yahoo News.

When Cruz publicly came out as a gay man, he told Yahoo Sport’s Kevin Iole: “I was scared,” saying he had to see a psychologist to help him work through his feelings.

“I was worried about other boxers…

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Is lesbian sex “real sex”?

Is lesbian sex “real sex”?

“This very limited definition of sex prevents people from recognizing lesbian sex as real sex. At best, what lesbians do is foreplay that can never reach completion on its own. Or, it is a turn-on for straight men and a staple of heterosexual pornography. A scene of two women kissing—increasingly common on mainstream television in shows such asGossip Girl and Community—is often used to add titillation to an otherwise mundane plot. As long as the women involved are conventionally pretty and feminine, this lesbianism is safe and sexy for prime-time viewing. (Butch women, by contrast, are often seen as erotic turn-offs: unsexy imitations of real men.) In each of these scenarios, lesbian sex is something women do while they are waiting for a man to come along. The straight male viewer, the target audience for ‘lesbian’ pornography, is invited to imagine himself into the scene, as the one who can complete the picture and turn the warm-up act into the real deal.”

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Iggy Azalea, the #VMAs2013 and a Culture of Appropriation #StopMiley2013

Media Diversified

TRIGGER WARNING: The following post contains incidents of racism and homophobia:

by Shane Thomas

It’s best to begin this with a statement of intent: I ingest a lot of popular culture. It’s the staple of a lot of conversations with friends, a reliable icebreaker when meeting new people and can make me a useful addition to any pub-quiz team.

However, many think that popular television, movies and music are disposable pursuits. It’s what you do from being exhausted after a long day at work and want something to passively consume. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard, “It doesn’t matter. It’s only a song/movie/TV show.”

I divest from such a viewpoint. Popular culture is one of the few things that link a large portion of this country – and further afield. It’s one of many aspects of how we mediate our relationship with ourselves, and those…

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Why wouldn’t we? The sad truth about biphobia

Why wouldn’t we? The sad truth about biphobia

“Here’s the sad truth about biphobia: Biphobia is sad. It’s sad to think that there are people out there who don’t believe that love is possible unless it is in these very narrow confines related to gender. It’s sad that these people are walking around with such a dim view of the potential of the human heart. It’s sad that they would rather convince themselves that others are lying than admit that there may be ways to love other than the way they love. It’s sad that they would be so devoted to the primacy of gender as a determining factor of love, of all things, that they would deny the existence of the identity of millions of people.”

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Senate confirms first openly gay Latina judge to federal court

NBC Latino

The U.S. Senate confirmed on Thursday the first ever openly gay Latina to the federal judiciary.

Nitza Quiñones Alejandro was nominated by President Obama to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The Senate confirmed her nomination by voice vote.

This is not the first time the Latina judge has broken barriers. She was the first Hispanic woman to serve as a judge on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas when she was appointed in 1991. She was previously a lawyer in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and an attorney adviser for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Human Rights Campaign spokesman Paul Guequierre commended the Senate for confirming Quiñones Alejandro.

“We are very pleased to see yet another highly qualified, openly-LGBT nominee appointed to the bench. These sorts of appointments should be based on merit which in this situation is the case,” Guequierre says.

Senators Pat Toomey…

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[Video] Familia es Familia PSA

“Marriage matters for the same reasons to all people, gay or straight. And it’s our responsibility to support inclusion of our gay and lesbian friends and family members in the important institution of marriage. I’m happy to be a part of the marriage movement and to continue the push for all loving and committed couples’ freedom to marry.” -Dolores Huerta Civil Rights Leader

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I didn’t choose my sexuality, and I couldn’t not like guys even if I tried

Many people think of sexuality as a binary system; people think you can either be gay or straight. Sexuality is about who you are physically, romantically or emotionally attracted to. People express their sexual orientation through their behaviors with others. When we are born we are right away given a gender and a sexuality. The truth is though, that sexuality is much more complex and multifaceted. We cannot simply divide people into gay and straight and someone’s gender does not tell us their sexual preference.

This duality of just gay and straight overlooks people that are transgender and transsexual, and that some people are asexual (little or no urge to have sex), or bisexual. Of course, there are people who deny that people are bisexual, or asexual–they’re just confused, or prudish (if they’re asexual), or perverted (if they’re bisexual). Contrary to these skeptics though, these sexual preferences most definitely exist, so as Chris Zook asks, “why confine individuals to the vague prisons of ‘gay’ and ‘straight’?” The existence of those that are intersex force us to expand the limits of human sexuality. They make painfully obvious that our binary system of sexuality is obsolete. The limits of sexuality must be expanded not only so that sexuality that deviates from the status quo isn’t considered inferior, but also so that the relationship and love that stems from that sexuality isn’t deemed inferior also.

People don’t choose their sexuality

I definitely didn’t choose to like guys. I just do. I don’t feel that I really had a choice in the matter. I like what I like. While there are women I find absolutely beautiful, I don’t feel an urge to have sex with them. I hear a lot of straight people say that homosexuality isn’t natural and that they could choose to be heterosexuals. Shut. Up. No they can’t—and those therapies that supposedly “turn you” straight don’t work. People don’t choose their sexuality, neither do they choose what turns them on sexually. Given that, nobody should be discriminated against, considered immoral or treated as subhuman because of what they sexually prefer or whom they happen to fall in love with. Love that isn’t heterosexual shouldn’t be made inferior or wrong. According to the American Psychological Association, research shows that many lesbians and gay men want and have committed relationships. Between 40%-60% of gay men and between 45%-80% of lesbians are involved in a romantic relationship. There are hundreds of thousands of same-sex households in the US. Research shows that many lesbians and gay men form enduring relationships; they too care about commitment, stability and raising families. This goes for those that are transgender and transsexual also.

There are many who believe that heterosexual and monogamous love is superior to love between homosexuals, polygamists, or those that are in an open relationship. For some it’s because of religion or because heterosexual love is “natural” and they can have kids. I’m sorry though, your love shouldn’t be more highly esteemed just because of how nicely the penis goes into the vagina or because you have a preference for monogamy. Love is more than that, and I support it wherever and between whomever it exists. I support any relationship where people love each other or care about each other, are loyal and committed.

There is a need for people to not only become more aware of how many different sexualities there are, but also that it is none of their business who other people fall in love with and want to have sex with. Realize that no two (or more) consenting adults should be told how to live. Unless they’re having sex with you, don’t worry about it. I can’t imagine somebody judging me by who I have sex with. I have many friends and close family members that are gay and they are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and it is so sad to think their character takes a backseat to their sexual preference. It is sad and disrespectful that their relationships are not treated with the same respect heterosexual relationships are. Especially when they too have such beautiful relationships that I can only hope to be so lucky as to have a relationship as devoted as theirs some day.

Time to expand our concept of sexuality

It is regrettable to think that those who deviate from the status quo of sexuality are judged immoral, “wrong” or second-rate when they are human beings just like everyone else. For those of you who are heterosexual can you imagine someone telling you that your love is wrong, and that to really know happiness you should be gay? Can you imagine someone wanting to kill you or hurt you over your sexuality? How crazy would that be? Imagine that you had to come out to people that you were straight? Wouldn’t that be ridiculous? And all over something that not only do you have little or no control over, but over something that does not affect anyone else.

For the sake of others that are not heterosexuals and for those who do not conform to the sexuality status quo let’s change our concept of sexuality so that it is more tolerant and true to life. As Chris points out, by acknowledging the fluidity of human sexuality and getting past this binary system we can not only make strides toward equal rights, but we can also have a more inclusive concept of sexuality. Not to mention that it will allow us to recognize and respect love and relationships no matter who is in them. Realize that prejudice and discrimination make it hard for others to accept their sexualities and to be comfortable with themselves. Let us become more aware because one’s sexual preference shouldn’t ever cause shame.

-Marina Espinoza

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