About the Blog

Welcome to Fondling the Truth! Our mission is to discuss current social and political issues in order to give context and information amidst a misinforming media and lying-ass politicians, but from the perspective of young progressives. There are two editors, Valeria Flores and Marina Espinoza. We have backgrounds in sociology, women studies, US politics and foreign policy, business administration, philosophy and applied ethics. We hope to be able to exchange ideas and promote elucidating articles in order to create awareness because we can’t solve problems without discussing them. Mainly though, we hope that our blog encourages people to think. While our blog is definitely biased (we are both radical progressives), we will never MISINFORM. And we will criticize both Republicans and Democrats, both sides can be incompetent and corrupt.

We would also like to add that we realize there are not many political blogs written by Latinas and so, we hope to use this blog to encourage other Latinas (and everyone really) to become politically active, to inform themselves, and to speak their minds.

3 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Yesenia Del Rio says:

    I’m going to tell Alex to find you both HOT boyfriends next time we go to Tijuana that belong to the PRI to really rumble on your blog! Hope you girls get this blog going strong, las dos son hermosas e inteligentes!

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