Mass surveillance in America: A timeline of loosening laws and practices

Mass surveillance in America: A timeline of loosening laws and practices

“After a post-Watergate Senate investigation documented abuses of government surveillance, Congress passes theForeign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, to regulate how the government can monitor suspected spies or terrorists in the U.S. The law establishes a secret court that issues warrants for electronic surveillance or physical searches of a ‘foreign power’ or ‘agents of a foreign power’ (broadly defined in the law). The government doesn’t have to demonstrate probable cause of a crime, just that the “purpose of the surveillance is to obtain foreign intelligence information.”

The court’s sessions and opinions are classified. The only information we have is a yearly report to the Senate documenting the number of “applications” made by the government. Since 1978, the court has approved thousands of applications – and rejected just 11.”

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One thought on “Mass surveillance in America: A timeline of loosening laws and practices

  1. I have sources ” In The Military ” Who have implied that these recent revelations concerning the NSA, and its Spying practices” Are just the tip of the iceberg. The targeted goal is to have what is known as TIA, or Total Information Awareness. The military views the ability to track individuals and groups as paramount, to enhance their ability to exploit new technology and create Force Multipliers that will give the War-fighter a full spectrum capability. Here’s the scoop on what is coming, and will be operational by the year 2016, and deployed by the year 2020. The ability to monitor Aerosols from 0 to 900 feet, and adjust Aerosol density , almost in real time. Bio-Nano Wafers that are in essence a tracking device and transponder, that will allow an airborne platform to actively track and target 20 to 30,00 personnel in real time, mounted or dismounted, or in the confines of a structure.

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