Toxic Ingredients in Feminine Hygiene Products

Toxic Ingredients in Feminine Hygiene Products

“In my opinion, feminine hygiene products can be likened to a ‘ticking time bomb’ due to years of exposure. The average American woman uses 16,800 tampons in her lifetime — or up to 24,360 if she’s on estrogen replacement therapy.

And that’s just tampons. Many women use different types of sanitary pads, alone or with tampons, and there’s also nursing pads.

What‘s Really in Those Sanitary Pads and Tampons?In the featured article, Andrea Donsky, founder of Naturally Savvy and co-author of Label Lessons: Your Guide to a Healthy Shopping Cart, reveals how little we’re told about the materials in feminine products. In fact, tampon and sanitary pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients because feminine hygiene products are considered ‘medical devices.'”

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One thought on “Toxic Ingredients in Feminine Hygiene Products

  1. Thanks for the post.I don’t think its true not all feminine hygiene products have toxic because in today govt. is strict about this. also most of company use environment friendly ingredients.

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