Mami real talk: Financial literacy for Latinas is a must

NBC Latino

As a child, I don’t remember having a conversation with either of my parents about finances.  The handful of lessons came from watching my parents.  I was seven when they bought our first home for $80,000.  It was a very modest two-bedroom on a small acreage.  I know my father wanted something he could pay off in a few years.  He wasn’t a fan of owing money for a long period of time.  I also remember him putting a huge down payment on a Custom Craft van for our annual road trips and paying it off quickly.  I got the message loud and clear; mortgages are not good.  I don’t know if his motivations were financial independence or lack of trust in any institution that had his money.  A very poignant message was conveyed one year before Christmas when my mother used the one family credit card to fill the…

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