The 21st Century a post feminist world?

It seems to me that a lot of men and women think that we now live in a post feminist America. According to these people, all developed nations are in a post feminist era.  What concerns me about this is that these same people are even willing to make claims about the negative social impacts of feminist principles.  Unfortunately, their beliefs are incredibly wrong, and stem from common misunderstandings, delusions and self-interest, but mostly ignorance.

There is this common misconception, especially amongst Americans, that women in developed nations are equal to men because they go to college, have careers, and run businesses. I hear men and women in the news, media, in school and at the bar talking about how they do not consider themselves feminists, or how we live in a post feminist world.  Some are willing to argue that we should just stop taking about gender inequality and stop blaming white males for whatever is wrong with society because things will eventually fix themselves.  Having to listen to such outrageous claims is really frightening because it demonstrates how much people are detached from reality.  It makes me wonder if they have the faintest clue of what feminism is or what it stands for.  I can assure you that if any of those lovely ladies and gentlemen knew anything about feminism they wouldn’t be so quick to try and detach themselves from this social movement, nor make any of these outrageous claims about a post feminist society.

So what is feminism?

Feminism is the belief that everyone is equal.(Mind blowing stuff.)

Now let’s discuss one of the many reasons why we don’t live in a post feminist world in the year 2013.  (Pretty embarrassing, right?  Now let’s put our embarrassment aside and move along.)

If anyone has been paying attention to current events it is very easy to realize that not only do we not live in a post feminist world, but that for the most part people willing to make claims about developed nations having post feminist societies, and men and women who prefer to not associate themselves with feminism have an incorrect understanding of feminism and women’s struggles.  They fail to understand that to this day women have to defend themselves from all angles.  If it’s not the way we dress, it’s the way we speak, the way we choose to live our lives, the company we keep, the jobs we hold. If we have sex, it’s who we’re having sex with, if we have sex purely for pleasure, how many people we have sex with, if we are employed, if we are unemployed, if we are in charge, if we are not, if we don’t have kids, if we have too many kids, if we choose to marry, who we love, if we are victims, if we are survivors, our reproductive choices, our mothering, our domesticity or lack there of.  All these social criticisms against women confine us, and what is most disturbing is that other women often perpetuate this. What I’m saying is that if we (women) have to live our lives being judged about things like this we most certainly do not live in a post feminist society.

For example, there is this crazy idea circulating around certain circles that men have been severely affected by the successes of women and especially feminism.  They call it “the war on men”.  According to Suzanne Venker, “women aren’t women anymore” and feminism is to blame.  In fact, she claims that the successes of women have changed social relations between the genders for the worst because men cannot cope with modern women’s new roles.  In her opinion, men can only be fulfilled when women exist only to serve them because the minute a woman holds a career, seeks higher education or tries to contribute to their household income something inside men breaks down.  It destroys their interest in marrying because their character cannot handle having women at their side sharing ideas, making constructive decisions and contributing to household incomes.  In fact, in her attempt to misinform people about feminism, and discredit women for wanting to live lives outside of the domestic realm, she paints a pretty grim picture about men today.  She paints them as sexist, emotional wrecks and feeble minded.  Don’t forget Suzane Venker is not a feminist, and she’s the one talking all this shit about men, not me.

Unfortunately, for women, Suzane Venker believes that being ambitious and assertive automatically disqualifies you from womanhood.  Having a career, a job and higher education apparently makes you this angry and defensive being whose only purpose is the destruction of men. Women wanting to be contributing members of society is what’s fucking men up.  Really!  Her delusion has led her to believe that we have time for that kind of shit.  It’s as if she doesn’t know that a lot of working women who have a career are working to support their families.  Some of these women go home and have dinner with their husbands and work to contribute to their household income and alleviate their husbands from the pressures of being the sole providers.  Or maybe she was talking about women like me who work to support themselves.  Beware my male friends, colleagues, relatives and boyfriend.  According to this woman, I am plotting your demise I’m angry and defensive. BEWARE!!!  You know all those good times we had getting drunk together talking shit?  It was all a plot.  A plot to destroy you. Crush your hopes and dreams about ever finding that perfect woman who lives to serve you like a maid would, but with the perk of avoiding sexual harassment lawsuits. Because what’s more attractive than a women vying to tend to your every need, who doesn’t want to think for herself because deep down she knows you are the one who holds all the truths?

The picture that people who share this view paint about men and women is that, well for men, you are all whinny, little beings who haven’t changed your attitudes since the Victorian era, and are having a hard time adjusting.  Because according to this non-feminist, your brains cannot wrap around the idea that women are holding positions of power and having access to things they were once denied access to.  And because you are sexist you are not having any of this so you choose to live alone and not marry.  You poor things living an existence full of fear of accomplished women. You know with your low self-esteem and all.  So miserable because no one is going to be there to bake you cookies when you are sad or in need of some freshly baked cookies made from the tender hands of women who have not been tarnished by the evils of feminism. And for women, you should stay at home, not think for yourselves, reserve your opinions and your sexuality, forget it; good women don’t discuss these things with anyone, especially not their partners.  Even for current homemakers, if you are not being a submissive woman in all aspects of life, it being ideological or sexual you must be an impostor because women cannot form opinions about any matter.

But in all seriousness, the sheer idea that there is this hatred that the modern educated and working woman is perpetuating against men, this whole battle of the sexes thing is ridiculous and most importantly NOT FEMINIST.  Feminism is about equality, and saying that modern women, or unwomen, (because according to Venker we are no longer women) are working very hard to turn men into second class citizens is taking the message of feminism and twisting it to distort real issues.  How hard is it to understand the concept of EQUALITY FOR ALL?  There is no battle of the sexes. Fighting to take the power away from men and using it to set up a society where men are held as second-class citizens goes against the very tenants of feminism. What many people have misinterpreted as feminists’ hatred towards men is the fact that feminists tried to change people’s attitudes towards a more egalitarian world by addressing  the fact that in our society men have more privileges that allows them to have a greater opportunity to hold better jobs, and positions of power in most aspects of life. That is all.  Criticizing the realities about the way our society is structured to give greater opportunities to some more than others, is by no means spreading hatred from one group to the other. Pointing out such truths was meant to raise an alarm and educate minds on how our society can let go of such prejudices and move on to a better paths.  However, some minds cannot comprehend this and misconstrue ideas to spread divisiveness.  They, the non-feminists are the ones promoting the “battle of the sexes” and blaming feminists.  This article serves if only to demonstrate who the people waging cultural wars are.

There is no battle of the sexes being waged by feminists.  There is a battle though. It is one between those who want to see change happen, who want to make the world a better place for everyone who lives here (feminists), and those who have benefited from inequality and are fearful of  living in a world where they have as much as the rest of us. Or how they interpreted ‘live in a world where they lose, everything they have worked to maintain’. This is not a battle where the winner takes all (because that is not feminism). It is a battle with hopes for equality through the employment of truth, logic and reason.  This battle can only be won with when we can change such distortions of reality, misinterpretations and ignorance in this matter. (The matter being Feminism, just in case you missed the point).  The fact that feminism needs defending and articulating, that delusional people get any credibility is but only one indication that we are not living in a post feminist era.

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9 thoughts on “The 21st Century a post feminist world?

  1. p evans says:

    nothing says post-feminism like close minded dogmatism…just sayin…

  2. Editor@Chief says:

    Launching a scientific expedition in search of truth, logic and reason. It seems to be extinct.

  3. Gaurav Khanal says:

    If feminism is about equality why is it called “fem-inism”, why can’t it be called humanism. Just from the name itself, anyone who has some intelligence can see that it is sexist. Feminism allows women to manipulate men and hide their ways of manipulation. Also blames men for being men. If feminism strives for equality then why should only men have to be part of the draft, why are only men allowed to be in special forces, why are men still expected to hold the doors for women. Equality would mean that men do what were considered in the past to be “women only jobs” and in return women also do what were considered in the past to be “men only jobs”. Most feminists will say well its because men are physically stronger. Ok thats true, and females are verbally more adept also and more adept at multitasking which means that if males should be doing the work requiring stronger physical strength, then females in return should be doing the work that requires better verbal and multitasking abilities (i.e.: involved with children, doing the housework). Women should not look down upon housework as it is what they are biologically programmed to do. Men should be proud of being men, and women should be proud of being women and we should both respect and love each other’s differences. Females should not be degrading men because we are not as verbally adept, and as skilled as you in multitasking small medial tasks, rather they should look at the inventions that have been created due to a man’s ability to block out everything and focus on one thing (that’s what helps to push boundaries in invention, research, etc.). As males we should also not degrade women and look at them as lower creatures because they are doing housework. That should be regarded as a very important role as it is something that we are not too well at doing. Because of political correctness in the United States of America, the manipulati ve tactics of these feminists who claim equality is being hidden. The true definition of a feminist may have been equality, but the actions of the majority of “feminists” here in the United States of America do not match your so called definition of feminism.

    • Feminism has its name precisely because it was a social movement and perspective based on women’s experiences. Not because of sexism, but because it was an avenue for women. Don’t forget that women’s lives, accomplishments and perspectives are not part of the social narrative, history or philosophy. Feminism came about to offer women and society just that. Feminism has no hidden agenda to manipulate or blame men for anything. What feminism is trying to achieve is equality by addressing issues that for so long had not been addressed. Acknowledging the fact that our society is one where dominant groups benefit at the cost of other groups doesn’t blame one group for being evil, it just seeks to change social structures to benefit us all equally. And change can only happen when dominant groups, like, men, realize that they have benefited from an unequal system, and share the power. There is no degradation in accepting that our society is set up to allow men to succeed more than women. Accepting this can only lead to change. Feminism doesn’t ask that men give up their jobs, or wealth, it only asks that they make room for women and other oppressed groups. There is nothing wrong with being a house wife if that’s what makes a woman feel good, neither is it degrading for men to share in the house work and child rearing. In fact, many women of color do not get to have such an opportunity because they are most of the time sole providers and have to do the double shift. Many working class women hold a job and go home and take care of household duties. If they have partners who are also income earners then why not have them lend a helping hand? Demanding for equal access to opportunities for all doesn’t mean that one group has to become the oppressed group, it just means that once we can all have equal access to opportunities the dominant group will not have those same opportunities as easily because there will be other people with similar or greater qualifications trying to have access to the same opportunities. Its just evening out the playing field.

      • James says:

        Feminism disrupts the natural order of our society in such ways that we do not currently understand. However, it will and is becoming painfully apparent that consequences resulting from this will deal a heavy blow not just to males, but to the women that try so desperately to fight for it.

        Never before has sex, specifically the female body, been flaunted this much. Your hard won “equality” is going to poison you. Equality will never exist because man and woman aren’t equal. They both possess crucial and different attributes to maintaining the human race. One facilitates the production of new life, and the other facilitates the support and advancement of said life. The production of life, the most important attribute of all, possessed by women.

        Feminism is going to eat the heart out of our society. It has and will continue to ignorantly break down natural barriers and systems to reach a simplistic and ultimately impossible goal. Just as the human race continues to burn fossil fuels, ignorant to the perils, so are feminists ignorant to the trap they’re setting for themselves. To be equal with men, they must become men. To be equal with men, they must prove that they can lead this world just as effectively. This will never happen though, because if it was possible it would have happened over the course of history. You know not that which you tamper with.

        Just remember, if law and order ever broke down, if the true wielders of power in this world were unconstrained in their actions, “womyn’s” rights would be first to extinction. You will never be as equal as you fight for because you never could be in a world without law. Designed to be protected at all costs by men. You discard this sacred duty of creation as though it is nothing; truly ridiculous.

        I’m studying engineering. Females in our course: <10%. Why? well, I dont think I need to explain that.

  4. The First Joe says:

    “Feminism has its name precisely because it IS a social movement and perspective based on women’s experiences”

    ^^ Fixed that for you.

    Feminism is not about “equality for ALL” – that is pure revisionist bullshit.

    Feminism is a political movement that exists to acquire more power, privilege and perks for feminists from the ruling class.
    Feminists use the almost universal “sympathy for women wronged” to further this agenda.

    From the earliest days of the campaign for women’s suffrage:
    – when the elder Pankhurst pushed the White Feather campaign with great vigour (sources: diaries of the Pankhursts) – literally sending men (over 50% of whom did not have the vote at the time) to their deaths in the trenches of WWI for her political advantage (later rewarded with a safe seat in Parliament)

    to any number of feminist politicians – male and female – who gain power and privelege off the back of women’s issues today.

    That^ is feminism.

    Also; it’s pretty disgusting the way feminists have tried to co-opt other people’s struggles (black activists, gay activists) to bolster their fading agenda, all under the pretence of “equality for all”.

    As for heterosexual men?
    No we don’t want or expect a return to Victorian values – why the hell would we? that was like 100 years ago! (What is it with feminists and ooooh dead people had a shitty time, therefore “gimme”?)
    Most men alive in the West now were raised by feminist women, so we can do all our own housework anyway. Thanks so much.

    And we know that under the new post-feminist paradigm that any woman can chose to end a relationship (married or not) anytime, for any reason – so why would we try to build our lives on the quicksand of someone else’s whims? That would be really stupid.

    Men are waking up to the fact that marriage is a fast route to being horribly screwed, being that it puts you at the mercy of the kangaroo “family” courts.
    Hence men are avoiding marriage in their droves.
    And increasingly avoiding cohabiting too, for similar reasons.

    Have women friends? Sure.
    Lovers? Fine.
    Live together, ohhhh no. Men don’t want to be made homeless because gf decides I’m-not-happy-whatever.

    It IS a post-feminist world, whether you like that fact or not.
    Men are adapting and moving the hell on.
    It’s a brave new world, with new people in it.

    People like Venker are dinosaurs moaning something that has been destroyed and won’t be coming back to Western culture. People will have to adapt, one way or another.

  5. The First Joe says:

    “Its just evening out the playing field.”

    Which is why, 20 years ago when college grads in USA were 60/40 men/women, there was feminist RAGE and campaigning and laws passed (Title 9 etc.)….

    And now that college grads in the USA are 40/60 men/women….
    Feminists are A-OK with that and think it’s super-you-go-girl, and ha-ha boyz-be-stupids.

    Yeah, evening out the playing field. Not tipping it, in favour of one group over another. Oh no. No no no.


    Reality. It runs counter to your propaganda.
    Unlucky, there.

  6. James says:

    Everyone is not equal, you fool

    You think our race would have achieved anything if this was true?

    • I agree everyone is not equal. If you’re talking from a sociological point of view you’re absolutely right. Some groups of people have unearned privileges that they are unwilling to admit to having. If you are talking about biology you have something going on there. Women are able to create and sustain a life in the womb, and men cannot. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have equal access to fundamental human rights, and careers. There are but slight biological differences between the sexes. Biology aside, our society does not operate based on biology. Society is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION. Therefore your whole point about biological differences shaping our gender roles and social structures and social order (which are SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONS) are INVALID.

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