Elizabeth Warren Takes On Eric Holder’s ‘Too Big To Jail’ Statement

A Progressive's thoughts

As we have seen with the recent settlements, these Banks are free to do whatever they like with impunity while the small people of the world get served with warrants by civil courts threatening arrest over past debts that have been bought by debt collecting law firms buying old debt for pennies on the dollar. It is appalling. The republicans in their corner are doing everything they can to make the Dodd-Frank Act ineffectual but at this stage of Too Big to Fail, where we saw that a certain Big Bank can get away with money laundering for drug cartels, does it even matter? There is something rotten in the State of Denmark if we are subsidizing these big banks and Wall Street to the tune of 85 billion dollars when at the same time the sequester is cutting 85 billion dollars that will directly affect poor people across the…

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